How to Rank Higher in the Fiverr Search Engine

Want your gig to rank higher on the Fiverr search results page? Want to be on the first page of your category, or better yet, right at the top? Well, I decided to put together this guide to help you rank higher within Fiverr. Call it, “The Unofficial Guide to Ranking Higher in Fiverr to Drive More Traffic To Your Gig.”

If your gig is at the top of the search results page, you’re likely to get much more traffic. Now that doesn’t mean you’ll earn more sales (that’s a completely different topic that I’ll touch on at some later date). But, if you have an engaging gig page and can drive more traffic, you have the potential to increase your sales.

But before we go any further and I reveal all of my juicy secrets and tips, I want to make sure you understand what I mean by “Fiverr search results page”. In Fiverr, you can find gigs in multiple ways, but the two most common methods are

  1. Search using keywords in the Fiverr search engine
  2. Browsing categories

From my research and discussions with Fiverr representatives and other Top-Rated Sellers, these two areas are where the Fiverr search engine algorithm works its magic. So, when I mention the Fiverr search results page, I’m referring to BOTH of these areas.


The last thing I want to point out before we dive in, is that Fiverr doesn’t reveal how its search engine works. Like Google, Fiverr is secretive about how it ranks gigs. This guide was put together from a combination of 1) self-discovery and experimentation, 2) conversations with other Top-Rated Sellers, and 3) conversations with Fiverr customer service.

Like Google, I’m sure Fiverr modifies and tweaks its search engine regularly to make sure Buyers are matched with Sellers in the best way possible.

The Main Ingredient 


Fiverr’s main goal is to connect great sellers with great buyers. To achieve this goal, they want to put their best sellers at the top. And by “best” I don’t mean Top-Rated Sellers. I mean sellers who are customer-focused. They want to put those sellers who go that extra mile to make buyers happy at the top. They want buyers to be delighted with their Fiverr experience so they’ll come back to the platform for all their business needs.

And guess what, it’s not about keywords. Let me repeat that, it’s NOT about keywords. Of course they play a role, but, they’re not the “end all be all” of what gets your gig ranked at the top (or fledgling on page 45 at the bottom).

So, enough of the background information, let’s dive into what gets you ranking higher!

Importance Factor

For all of the items below, I’m going to assign an “Importance Factor” to each.
1 = It might be a factor in search rankings but it’s of only slight importance.
2 = Likely of some importance
3 = This factor is important
4 = Likely a critical factor
5 = Definitely a highly critical factor

#1 Keywords

Importance Factor: 3
I know I just said that keywords aren’t extremely important, but, they are the first step in the process. Think about how buyers will find your gig. What keywords will they use? Think of a few keywords that are synonymous with your main keyword.

For a resume editing service some keywords could be ‘resume writing’, ‘resume proofing’, ‘resume editing’, ‘cover letter’, etc. Then, use those words in your title, description, and tags. Don’t keyword stuff! In the title you may say ‘I will proof and edit your resume’. But, in the description, you’d carefully use other keywords naturally when describing your service. Write your description for your buyers, not Fiverr’s search engine. Using the same resume writing example, you could have this in your description.

“Welcome to my resume writing service on Fiverr. For $5 I’ll write one-page of your resume. I can also proof up to two pages of your current resume and edit it.”

In that two-sentence part of a description, I hit most of the keywords buyers will use to find a resume writing gig. You could also use those same words sparingly in the rest of the description when appropriate.

Here’s what NOT to do.

“Welcome to my resume writing, resume editing, and resume proofing service on Fiverr. For $5 I’ll write one-page of your resume. I can also proof up to two pages of your resume and edit two pages of your resume should you already have a resume written.”

See the difference? In the first instance I use the word ‘resume’ only twice. In the second example I use the it seven times! That’s call keyword stuffing and you shouldn’t do it. You’ll likely get penalized by Fiverr for using too many of the same keyword in an unnatural manner.

You’ll also want to use your top keywords in ‘Tags’ area when you setup your gig.

#2 Deliver On-Time

Importance Factor: 5
Fiverr wants to showcase sellers who provide excellent customer service. One metric of this is on-time delivery. Delivering late is not good customer service. This isn’t to say you can never be late, but you should keep late deliveries to an absolute minimum.

If you’ve been on Fiverr and you’re guilty of delivering late, all is not lost. Based on a conversation with a Fiverr rep, if you clean up your act and start delivering on-time consistently over a period of time, your can improve your ranking.

#3 Title of Your Gig

Importance Factor: 4
The title of your gig is critical for two reasons. 1) it’s what a buyer sees when searching for your gig and helps them determine what it is you do and 2) it helps you rank higher. Your title should be crisp, concise, and accurate to what you deliver. The more precise you are the better.

Good title: I will design a flat-styled business logo for $5
Bad title: I will create an amazingly beautiful flat logo design for your business, website, or podcast

Now, you may say, “Wait! The ‘bad’ title has much more content and is very precise where the ‘good’ title is too broad”. By precise I mean focused and targeted. The ‘good’ title is specific to creating a flat-style logo for a business. The ‘bad’ title is too broad. It tries to target too many audiences and uses superfluous adjectives and adverbs. This isn’t just my speculation but right from the mouth of Fiverr’s resident SEO expert, Yasha.

My advice is to keep your title short (between eight and twelve words). Don’t be cutesy or clever. You don’t want people to think about what it is you’re selling. They should read the title and know EXACTLY what service you’re providing. This helps the buyer and the Fiverr search engine.

#4 Ratings

Importance Factor: 4
Ratings matter. You want to make sure you earn as many five-star ratings as possible. When you deliver, ask for a five-star rating and a positive comment. If a buyer rates you anything less than five-stars, but comments positively on your work, contact the buyer and ask if he or she can change it to five-stars. Explain how important a five-star rating is and that anything less is considered “bad”. When I ask, 99% of the time the buyer will change to five-stars.

If you get a low rating and the buyer doesn’t leave feedback or leaves negative feedback, contact him or her and ask what would need to be done to earn a five-star rating. Sometimes it’s an easy fix that’s well worth the time invested for a five-star rating. Other times, you’ll need to weigh whether or not working with the seller is worth it. Some sellers are not easy to work with and others demand the world for $5. So, in some instances, a one-star rating is worth the stress and aggravation. It’s up to you.

#5 Image File Names

Importance Factor: 3
According to Fiverr’s resident SEO expert, Yasha, image files names are important in “outside of Fiverr” search engine rankings. My guess is that they could also be a factor within Fiverr itself. What do I mean by ‘image file names’. Well, in your Gig Gallery you have the opportunity to add a video, images related to your gig, and PDF files.

Let’s assume you’re going to upload one video, two images, and one PDF file to your Gig Gallery for your ‘I will design a flat-styled business logo for $5’ gig. The titles of these files should als mirror your title and use keywords (again, without “stuffing” keywords).

Video file name: design-flat-logo-business.mp4
Image #1 file name: design-flat-logo-business.jpg
Image #2 file name: design-flat-logo-business-2.jpg
PDF file name: design-flat-logo-business.pdf

If you upload anything to your Gig Gallery, be sure to name your files that are similar to your gig title and contain appropriate keywords.

#6 Number of Gigs Completed

Importance Factor: 3
From my own experience, this does play a role. So, try to get as many gigs delivered, on-time, with five-star reviews under your belt as you can. Volume seems to count. Rumblings among other Fiverr sellers who’ve spoken to Fiverr customer service told me that it’s better to have 100 $5 orders completed than one large order worth $500.

My guess is that the more gigs you’ve delivered, the more likely Fiverr can gauge your level of customer service. If you have an average five-star rating and 100% on-time delivery of 100 gigs at $5, Fiverr can assume that you’re consistently providing excellent customer service. The same can’t be said if you’ve only delivered one order.

Moral of the story? Complete as many orders as possible without sacrificing quality.

#7 Responding to Messages within 24 hours (or less)

Importance Factor: 4
In May of 2015, Fiverr implemented a response timer to their messaging system. At the beginning of the month, you start out with a 100% response rate. If you reply to all your Fiverr messages within 24 hours you’ll stay at 100%. But, if you fail to reply within 24 hours, your response rate will fall.

There’s some evidence that keeping your response rate above 90% can better your search rankings. Take a listen to this Fiverr Podcast episode around 3:00. Now, This may not play into the algorithm, but I also suspect there’s a bump in your rankings the faster you reply. So, try to reply to your Fiverr messages as soon as you can. This doesn’t mean you need to be on Fiverr all day monitoring your messages, but try to reply promptly. I suggest setting aside time for Fiverr mail at least twice a day (for example, once in the morning, once in the evening).

#8 Click Throughs

Importance Factor: 1
This is speculation, but I think the number of times your gig gets clicked (visited) may play a small part in your rankings. And honestly, even if it isn’t, getting more clicks will certainly help. So how do you get more clicks? Make sure you have an accurate title and an AMAZING thumbnail that draws attention. In a sea of thumbnails, does your gig get clicked? So make certain you have a great thumbnail to encourage a high click through rate.

#9 Have Video

Importance Factor: 3
Fiverr touts that having a video is important and those with video convert over 200% more than those without. So, does video play a role in your search rankings? I’m not certain but you should have a video no matter what. It can’t hurt and it will certainly help increase your sales for many reasons. One reason might be that Fiverr gives a little more “ranking juice” to gigs with video.

#10 Low Cancel rate

Importance Factor: 3
Based on a Fiverr Podcast, cancel rates have some effect but it’s unclear as to what exactly “counts” as a cancel. Take a listen for yourself starting at around 7:00. So, to interpret the answer in the podcast, my suggestion is to try not to cancel too many orders. Sometimes you need to, but if you abuse it, Fiverr may take note and may hurt your search ranking results.

#11 Express Gigs

Importance Factor: 1
Express gigs are gigs that are completed in under 24 hours. Though if they are a factor I’d guess they have a relatively low impact on your rankings. I don’t suggest express gigs unless your gig is super simple and easy to deliver.

#12 User name

Importance Factor: 1
I doubt the user name makes a difference in where you rank, but it could have a tiny impact. If you have a resume writing gig, a name like “ResumeWriter10” might rank higher than salsa54 since the word resume is in the user name. If you’re a new seller, you may want to consider a user name that makes sense. However, if you’re already a seller with an established user name, don’t fret it.
So there you have it. My list of factors that affect your rankings in the Fiverr search engine. There are likely other factors involved but if you implemented all of these factors I can bet you’ll see your Fiverr rankings climb pretty fast.

What do you think? Are there any other factors you’d suggest?

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