How to increase sales on Fiverr with the Buyer Requests feature

Download the Buyer Request Template

Fiverr has a nifty little feature called ‘Buyer Requests’. Honestly, I never really use the feature since, fingers crossed, I get enough orders without using it. However, if you’re new to Fiverr, your sales are slowing, or you simply want to get some extra cash to afford a vacation or a 4K TV, the Buyer Request function can help gain a few new sales (this is especially important for new and level one sellers).

Typically, when asked, “How do I get more sales using Fiverr’s Buyer Request?” or “I’m submitting offers to buyers and they aren’t responding. Why?” I ask to see the request and the seller’s response to the request. Typically, buyers don’t respond for three reasons:

  1. The seller simply copy and pasted a standard response that they send to all buyers. Buyers want to feel special, not treated like a heard of cattle.
  2. The response is not customized and doesn’t address anything in the request. Buyers want to know how you can meet THEIR needs.
  3. Misspellings and poor English.

In this video, I’ll give you strategies to address the first two reasons. For reason #3, all I can say is make sure everything you do on Fiverr is professional and written using correct English.

Also, you can download a template I created so you can customize your responses and get more sales!


To summarize the video

Step #1:
Choose a buyer who is specific in his/her request.

Step #2:
Select 10 requests to respond to (or the maximum)

Step #3:
Customize using the downloadable template and respond to those requests. Note that your response cannot be more than 800 characters.

Step #4:
Answer any questions the buyer has and be attentive.

Step #5:
Follow up ONCE if there is no response. Don’t bug the buyer. Follow-up once a day later and if still no response, don’t contact the buyer again.

Of course you’ll need to customized a little or a lot depending on your gig and the client’s request, but, this template should get you started.

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